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Lost Woman

Here’s a play-bass-along with the Yardbirds. I love the bass line in this song. Also, I had some fun with my newly upgraded video software, Magix’s Movie Edit Pro. The video effects are probably a bit excessive..

Lost Woman

Building a bass

I went out to the garage to get some curly maple boards to make some games. When I picked up one of the boards, it had a very light feel to it. I knocked on it and it resonated loud and long. I set it aside as a prime board to use to make a bass.

A few years ago, I came across a very nice African Mahogany board which happens to be 13 inches wide. I set that aside too.

My plan is to make a hybrid Fender / Gibson style bass. I love the sound and shape of Fender basses, but also love the mid-range presence of Gibson basses.

This project will be slow going. I can only work on it in my spare time, and I’ll document my progress here.

Here are photos of the laminated blank:

Laminated bass blank

Laminated bass blank with Jazz Bass template

Curly Maple and Mahogany Bass Blank



I bought some Farberware dishes and the price and quality were very decent.

Then, I bought Farberware refrigerator magnets with clips on them. They barely stay on the refrigerator by themselves. There is no possible way they would hold a sheet of paper on there. Okay, I just tried it and it slid down the door. Junk.

I bought a Farberware ice cream scoop. Second time I used it, the gear stripped. Another poorly made Farberware utensil.

My Farberware spatula has lasted for about a year. Now the metal under the rubber has worked its way through. Way to go, Farberware!

Okay Farberware. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me three times, I must be an idiot. I’m imagining a Chinese ‘engineer’ snickering while designing some of these things. Especially the refrigerator magnets.

I bought some dishes by Farberware and they still work ok.. Or maybe they’re emitting invisible poisonous gasses…