Bluto Band

Blutos“The Bluto Band”, also unknown as “The All Night Bluto Band” was a blues-rock-punk band that existed in the early 1970′s. Based in Rochester, NY, we rehearsed and frequently resided at 120 Avenue D, located in the heart of the City’s cultural district.



Bluto Band Hates You
The phrase “Bluto Band Hates You” is a spinoff of “Jefferson Airplane Loves You.” Brian had a stamp made and we left impressions throughout the city.


Band Members: Tom Lanze (guitar), Michael (Itch) Paprocki (vocals), Brian Soule (keyboards), Frank Mattice (drums), and Don Strenczewilk (bass).



Frank Mattice – Drums
Also known as “Uncle Meat”. Frank died several years ago.

Tom Lanze – Guitar, vocals
Tom is now a pro musician in Orlando, FL. He plays inMystikNRG and is also freelancing with several other bands. His favorite color is blue and favorite snack is SmartFood Cheese Popcorn. and girls, he’s single! See him Sundays and Mondays at Universal Studios CityWalk

Michael “Hitch” Paprocki – Vocals
Hitch owns Hill Rock Landscaping, located in Tucson, Arizona. Those many years of grave digging have finally paid off.

Brian Soule – Keyboards, vocals
Brian is now semi-pro, working it into his ‘day-job’ of teaching juvenile delinquents how to play the piano (OR ELSE!). He’s in a band named Time Bandits . Brian played a Fender Rhodes, Micro-Moog, and an ancient Ludwig effects device.

Don Strenczewilk – Bass guitar
Don now works for himself as a woodworker at Don Strenz Woodworking. Don played a Rickenbacker 4001 bass in the band.

Bob Martin – Management
The Blutos were managed by Bob Martin (also known as “Bluto Bob”), who is a fine guitarist in his own rite, and is currently in Margaret Explosion



These songs were recorded circa 1972-1974.

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