Building a bass

I went out to the garage to get some curly maple boards to make some games. When I picked up one of the boards, it had a very light feel to it. I knocked on it and it resonated loud and long. I set it aside as a prime board to use to make a bass.

A few years ago, I came across a very nice African Mahogany board which happens to be 13 inches wide. I set that aside too.

My plan is to make a hybrid Fender / Gibson style bass. I love the sound and shape of Fender basses, but also love the mid-range presence of Gibson basses.

This project will be slow going. I can only work on it in my spare time, and I’ll document my progress here.

Here are photos of the laminated blank:

Laminated bass blank

Laminated bass blank with Jazz Bass template

Curly Maple and Mahogany Bass Blank


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