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What Is Hip – Bass Playalong

What Is Hip bass play-along. Made this 2yrs ago and wasn’t real happy with the sloppiness but I’m getting older, not hipper, it’s getting harder to do, so it ain’t gonna get no better.

What Is Hip

Another Star – The Bluetones

The Bluetones at the Rochester Hyatt perform a mellow version of Stevie Wonder’s “Another Star”. Found the tape but don’t remember the date. Sometime in the 80′s I think. There is no video of the show so I added some NASA photos and video effects.

Another Star

Amazing Journey / Sparks – Bass cover

Amazing Journey and Sparks bass cover, along with some photos of Highland Park in the fall. Bass is a ’99 American Fender Jazz Bass.

Amazing Journey and Sparks bass cover

Straight Ahead – Brian Auger Oblivion Express Play Along

Here’s a play-bass-along with Brian Auger’s “Straight Ahead”. To hear the bass, listen with large speakers, not tiny laptop speakers.

Straight Ahead – Brian Auger

Substitute – The Who (bass play along)

Here’s a play-bass-along with The Who’s “Substitute”. To hear the bass, this really needs to be listened to with large speakers, not tiny laptop speakers.

Substitute – The Who

Lost Woman

Here’s a play-bass-along with the Yardbirds. I love the bass line in this song. Also, I had some fun with my newly upgraded video software, Magix’s Movie Edit Pro. The video effects are probably a bit excessive..

Lost Woman